Friday, July 1, 2011

Future Fashion Museum of Dallas?

PHOTO 1: Ms. Dillon studying a model.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by @heididillon of Dallas, Tx to attend an architectural presentation by the students at the University of Kansas. The purpose for them was their final grade. My purpose was to witness their presentations for a Fashion Museum & Institute to be developed in Dallas, Tx.

Heidi is the founder and CEO of the Fashionistas, , artist, teacher and philanthropist. The organization is partnered with Couture Snob, Beauty Snob, Black Lab Creative and many others. The Advisory Board includes Michael Kors, Russell Simmons, Hamish Bowles, Vogue Living, and so many other illustrious names to mention. Of course Dallas, is the birthplace of ultra-luxury department store, Neiman Marcus. And if you've shopped in Dallas at the Galleria, NorthPark and Highland Park Village, you'll realize how strength of the fashion element.

It has been a dream and passion of Ms. Dillon's to develop a Fashion Museum. I have to admit I was blown away by the creativity and detail these students displayed. The project included a small model to placed in a full-site model, a cross-section model of some of the construction detail, graphic plans, etc. WOW! Amazing.

The event started off fantastic as one of the students displayed awesome style! The shoes blew me away. I was immediately biased towards her ideas!! :) It was an total PR hit to play to her audience.

PHOTO 2: Love the shoes!

It was a full day of presentations for Miss Dillon. I only attended the afternoon, so I'd be remiss to choose a favorite, but there were many great features and thoughtful ideas. Runways that could be split down the middle for simultaneous displays or alongside exterior windows so that the public could view, wrapping buildings in fabric effects, opaque walls for the public to get a hint at the events happening inside. Fabulous ideas and an amazing job by the University of Kansas students! I sincerely hope the Museum becomes a reality someday!

PHOTO 3: Presentation

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